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Several factors matter when you choose the Microsoft 365 subscription. Depending on your requirements on the respective productivity platforms, these products are different in price.

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Go to, Microsoft 365 Setup website.
Open the browser and enter in the URL bar and hit enter.Go to, Microsoft 365 Setup website.
Sign In to your Office Account or Create a New One.
Click on the blue Sign In button and enter your credentials to Sign In with your Microsoft Account. You can use any account associated with any Microsoft service like XBOX, Skype, or Windows. However, If you are new to Office, Click Create a New Account to create a free account with Microsoft.Sign In to your Office Account or Create a New One.
Now Enter Product Key.
Enter your 25 Alphanumeric Product codes or Key in the required fields and hit Next.Now Enter Product Key.
Click Install Office Button.
On the Account page, Click Install Office button on the right side of the window. This will open up another page.Click Install Office Button.
Go ahead and Click Install Office Again.
On the left side of the window, under Install Office on all your computers, click Install Office, It is a blue button. This will open up a Pop-Up, Click Install to begin the Download.Go ahead and Click Install Office Again.
Save and Run office setup.
Now, according to the browser you are using, Save the Downloaded Installer and run it.Save and Run office setup.
Wait for Office to finish Installation.
Once the installer is downloaded, The Installation will begin. Wait for it to finish. It will take a few minutesWait for Office to finish Installation.
Click Close, Installation is finished.
Once the Installation is Finished, a screen with an animation and a close button will show. Click Close and run Office apps.Click Close, Installation is finished.

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