Tech workers face a tough week of skipping layoffs.

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Tech workers face a tough week of skipping layoffs.

Post by kafa88 » Sat May 14, 2022 9:38 am


Fortunately, there's more coming from last week. After last week's tech layoffs This week saw a reduction in the number of employees at tech companies. The impact can be felt across industries. From education to security as well as various steps From start-ups after Series A to emerging SPAC businesses

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Below, we've listed the most recent companies laying off talent in response to startup-wide resets. Kudos to, a collection of tips and tricks trackers. Affected employee spreadsheets and other termination details in one place

Section 4

The source said Section4, a skilled startup launched by Professor Scott NYU's famous Galloway has laid off a quarter of its employees. The layoff, which took place last week, affects employees at all levels of seniors and teams. But it's specifically targeting most product teams. The initial deployment hit the scene in 2019 with the goal of expanding business school-quality courses in a virtual format at a lower cost.

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