7 ways to take care of colored hair For men who like to change their hair color

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7 ways to take care of colored hair For men who like to change their hair color

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Color on the hair is another thing that young men. favorite fashion line So it's not surprising that new colors Will be produced to meet the needs, but if men color their hair often, there is no denying that it will definitely have a negative effect on the hair, so let's take a look at 7 techniques that will help take care of colored hair. You keep the shine and color of the tires longer.

1. Clean hair sparingly.
It's good to clean your hair. But you shouldn't wash your hair too often. Especially those who have a new hair color should wash their hair only 2-3 days per 1 week to avoid fading too quickly. It is important to wash your hair with normal temperature water. Avoid using warm water as it may cause the hair color to fade quickly as well.

2. Don't forget to use conditioner.
For guys with long hair, if you want the color to be sharp and the hair is still soft not become damaged hair You'll want to coat your hair with a rich conditioner or conditioner. To restore colored hair and also to lock the hair color for longer lasting. By doing this 2-3 times a week as well.

3. Use the product appropriately.
If you want your color-treated hair to stay beautiful and pop in color, Ready to make the hair still shiny, not dry, should choose products that are made specifically for people who color their hair Because these products are made to replenish nutrients into the hair and lock the hair color to always stand out.

4. Avoid heat.
Coloring your hair can make your hair dry and damaged easily. Therefore, it is best to avoid heat that will further damage your hair. Especially blow-drying, using a hair straightener. or hair curler If you want to use these hair dryers, you should leave the time 2-3 weeks after you've colored your hair in order to allow the hair to recover and the heat won't fade as quickly.

5. Use cool air to blow hair.
Choose to use it as a cool blow dryer or as a blow dryer to dry your hair after washing your hair. Or even styling should be used as a cool breeze as well. This prevents further damage and also avoids color fading too quickly.

If you don't want your colored hair to fade quickly and become damaged, difficult to style, you should always follow these 5 techniques. To keep your hair color bright and healthy all the time.

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