5 false beliefs Of menstruation, you girls have to change your mind.

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5 false beliefs Of menstruation, you girls have to change your mind.

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Believe that many young women may have heard of the beliefs about menstruation and then some, whether during menstruation, do not drink cold water. coconut water Do not play or go into the water including a ban on having sex Today we will take the girls Let's solve the doubts of those beliefs whether it is true or not?

1. Do not take a cold shower.
menstruation time Hormones in the body will fluctuate. Decreased immunity when girls take a cold shower will cause the body to adjust the temperature accordingly. until the symptoms of illness But in fact, the girls With menstruation, you can take a cold shower. at normal temperature

2. Do not eat cold food or ice.
Many people have heard that during menstruation, do not eat cold food. because the blood will harden The residual menstruation does not come out completely, in fact, it can be eaten. But please be in the right amount. not too much

3. Do not exercise during menstruation.
Let me tell you that this belief is very wrong. The body releases endorphins. which this substance will make us happy help relieve stress and alleviate pain

4. Do not have sex.
in fact This belief is not a taboo at all. Just want to be careful in terms of cleaning more than usual, whether it's a woman or a man. because there is a chance of getting infected easily

5. Do not swim
Ladies who are menstruating and want to do water activities, they have to be in the same order. because of this belief but actually I want to be careful and take care of cleanliness more than usual. Because the water may have contaminated dirt. when we swim So there is a chance that those germs will enter the vagina. and easily inflamed So if anyone wants to swim or swim, choose a clean pool. Choose a time when not many people come to use the service. and should use tampons before swimming

how are you Some beliefs are false beliefs. That we have heard over and over, but some beliefs require us to be careful of ourselves. Not even forbidden at all. However, taking care of the sister's cleaning. It is still the most important thing when girls I have a period

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