Looking to work for you guys!

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Looking to work for you guys!

Post by Rhyveeo » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:59 pm

Dear Dangerous Rays developers, I would like to apply to join the team.

I am Jacco I come from the Netherlands and I currently live in France, I am a Graphics Designer with 4 years of experience in photoshop, i mainly do logo's, advertisment design, web design, etc...

I think i could help out with the game, because i can make responsive designs that will attract people, or help the game in general.
My bigger brother does graffiti for a hobby, he could help out for like the graffiti in the backstreets in villages or cities in the game.
I have previously worked for a2z interactive and i still do, those guys are the developers of the game called Survive The Nights.

You guys don't have to pay me. We will talk business on skype or something.
But it would be a great opportunity to work with you guys.

Please accept my application.

My portfolio: http://jaccoschouten.foliodrop.com/

- Jacco / Freelance Designer

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