[DEV DIARY 15] OpenGL 3.2 support

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[DEV DIARY 15] OpenGL 3.2 support

Post by OldSnake » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:38 am

Hello !

The work on Dangerous Rays big update continue and in this dev diary i just want to announce that i have upgraded the graphic engine by adding OpenGL 3.2 API support.

The actual version of the game engine use OpenGL 2.1 API for graphics rendering which is getting pretty old. It is roughly the equivalent of DirectX 9.
You can see OpenGL 3.2 as the equivalent of DirectX 10.1.

Why OpenGL and not DirectX ?

Because i am more familiar with OpenGL programming for now and mainly because OpenGL is multiplatform capable. This mean it can run on OSX and Linux instead of just being able to run on Windows. I have some plans to port Dangerous Rays at least to Linux in the far future so OpenGL will allow me to do that.

Does this mean that the hardware requirements for Dangerous Rays will change ?

No ! I had planned from the beginning that i would switch to OpenGL 3.2 version and the actual hardware requirements will stay the same.

Why not OpenGL 4.x which is equivalent to DirectX 11 ?

Because i want the game to be able to run on a wide range of hardware.

So the game will have awesome graphics because of this ?

Do not expect some huge benefits in terms of graphics quality at first. OpenGL 3.3 version give me some possibilities to upgrade the graphics quality but it is not something like "add OpenGL 3.2 support and boom ! Graphics are much nicer now". I have to do quite a lot of programming to take advantage of this new OpenGL version. Here is the immediate benefits of the OpenGL API change:

- Better compatibility with AMD graphics card. I have made some work to ensure that the game will not be break by AMD drivers from time to time like it is on the actual version of Dangerous Rays.
- Better performances. I am now using some new features of OpenGL 3.2 so i can increase rendering performances.
- Better compatibility with Intel integrated chipsets. Intel HD 4000 series chipsets and above are not supported even if i don't recommend to play Dangerous Rays with such hardware.

That's all for now. This new OpenGL 3.2 and the fact that the game is now running in 64 bits mode is going to modernize the game quite a lot. :)

Best Regards

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Re: [DEV DIARY 15] OpenGL 3.2 support

Post by deadahead » Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:48 am

I can't wait for the new steam version to finally arrive! =p~

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