5 Reasons Why You Should Always "Cut Your Nails" Short

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5 Reasons Why You Should Always "Cut Your Nails" Short

Post by pippy » Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:26 am


Have you ever wondered if Why do we have to Cutting nails short by having long nails is already pretty good, the more you paint and paint, the more charming a person is. But ... Nail trimming is still necessary for reasons related to health, we will take you readers to see why we need to cut nails. And how can there be ways to keep our nails clean and healthy?

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Why should I keep my nails short?
Nails, organs that seem so insignificant in our body systems that we can hardly imagine why we have nails. But nails are useful in protecting the upper skin of the fingers and toes. Enhance the image to look good. Help in carving or scratching and you can see that today. There are so many nail-related beauty businesses out there. Both nail polish. Or the nail salon business that is known to be booming in our home like that but ... having beautiful, colorful, long, slender and eye-catching nails It may not always be a good result. Because we should have to take care of the cleanliness of the nails. And always cut nails short For the reason that

Nails are a reservoir of bacteria.
Allowing your nails to grow long can also cause bacteria to build up and be at risk of causing bacterial infection. Because bacteria thrive in dirty environments, nails that are not always cleaned and cut short. There is a chance that bacteria multiply. Especially toenails Because we have to wear shoes all day long Either sneakers or moccasins The toenail has almost no room for ventilation at all. When a toenail must be in a confined place like a shoe It will make you sweat more. This is the accumulation of dirt causing the bacteria to increase even more.

Risk of fungal infection
Nails, in addition to being a source of bacteria It is also a source of mold as well. Especially for athletes or those who exercise regularly Due to the fact that force is used to sweat often if cleaning is not enough. It is at risk of causing the nails to infect both bacteria and fungi.

It can be the cause of food poisoning.
Before eating We always hear an invitation to wash your hands first. Because if your fingers are dirty That means dirty fingernails as well, and dirty nails are a reservoir of both bacteria and fungi. Which when taking food into his mouth Those impurities will enter the body causing diarrhea. Or food poisoning

The injury was wound until bleeding. It doesn't always have to come from being done by others. We, too, can injure ourselves and bleed out as well. Anyone who grows a long nail may accidentally get into an accident, such as scratching an arm or a leg. Nails pierced into the eyes. Nails pecking into the scalp Of course, this situation can also happen to someone close to you, for example, accidentally scratching a manicure into a friend's arm.

It may be an ingrown toenail.
Not cutting nails often There is a risk of causing ingrown toenails. The ingrown toenail often occurs on the toenail. Where the edge of the nail is pricked or stabbed into the skin Causing redness, swelling, and pain

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Re: 5 Reasons Why You Should Always "Cut Your Nails" Short

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